Winterizing your motorcycle - how to winterize your bike

Die Schweizer Premium-Motorrad-Brand Rokker gibt wertvolle Tipps, wie easy sich ein Motorrad einwintern lässt.
When the leaves fall and the temperatures drop, experienced bikers know that it's time to prepare their trusty steed for hibernation. But don't worry, we won't leave you out in the cold.
Below you will find a comprehensive guide to winterizing your motorcycle, packed with valuable tips and proven tricks to get your proud steel steed through the cold season safely and undamaged.

Why you should winterize your motorcycle

When the days get shorter and the nights longer, it's time for us bikers to carefully prepare our reliable companion on two wheels for hibernation. The key words here are clearly protection and value retention. Your bike is not only your faithful companion on the road, but also an investment that needs to be protected. A well-maintained machine will thank you with longevity and reliable performance as soon as the first rays of sunshine tempt you out for a spin again.

Winterizing your motorcycle checklist - use our tips for storing your bike in winter

To make sure you don't forget anything, we have put together a handy checklist for you to tick off, which you can use to easily winterize your motorcycle:
Start with a thorough clean first, of course, so make sure your bike is spick and span. Dirt and road salt are the enemies of your bike, so hard-to-reach areas also deserve special attention.

Your beloved vehicle also needs good care in winter. With a protective layer of wax, you can preserve your bike and protect its paintwork from moisture and dirt. Also treat metal parts with a rust inhibitor to prevent corrosion.

Change the oil:
Fill up with fresh engine oil for hibernation, as it contains corrosion-inhibiting additives and thus prevents corrosion inside the engine.

Fill up the tank:
A full tank prevents rust formation. Therefore, fill the tank and also add a fuel stabilizer to prevent the formation of condensation.

Battery care:
The motto is to remove the battery and store it in a dry place. If possible, the battery should be removed, fully charged and stored in a dry, cool place.

It should be dry and safe. Only if your motorcycle garage is winter-proof enough can you start riding your bike again in the spring.

Make sure the tires have the right pressure. Jacking up the bike to take the pressure off the tires is always a good idea and also prevents tire aging.

Check fluids:
Top up all fluids and add antifreeze if necessary.

High-quality, breathable protective tarpaulins for the motorcycle itself to protect it from dust and moisture.
You will soon find detailed step-by-step instructions on the subject of "Washing and caring for your motorcycle" in our guide section.

Motorrad einlagern – so einfach gestaltest du deine Motorradgarage winterfest.

Winterizing your motorcycle - in the garage or outside - what do you need to consider?

Whether you leave your motorcycle outside for the winter or store it in the garage, there are a few points to bear in mind in both cases:

Winterizing your motorcycle in the garage:

This is where your motorcycle is best protected from the weather. However, remember to ensure good ventilation to prevent condensation or use a dehumidifier to control the humidity in the garage. It is also advisable to constantly check the insulation of your motorcycle garage and, if necessary, use insulating materials on the walls and doors to help keep out the cold.

Winterizing your motorcycle outside:

If you have to leave your motorcycle outside for the winter, make sure that you park it in as sheltered, dry and not too cold a place as possible. You should also cover it with a robust, weatherproof and waterproof tarpaulin.

You should also think about your biking equipment in winter

In addition to the motorcycle itself, your biking equipment also deserves an extra portion of attention before it is stowed away until next spring.

Here are some tips for winter-proofing your equipment too:
Clean and care for leather parts:
Your leather parts have reliably withstood the wind and weather throughout the season - now they deserve thorough care. Whether motorcycle jacket, motorcycle pants or motorcycle gloves - leather goods should be carefully cleaned and treated with special care products to keep the material supple. Make sure that the leather clothing can dry in a well-ventilated place after cleaning and care before you store it. This will ensure that it still offers the usual comfort and protection after the winter.

✔ ️ Clean yourmotorcycle helmet properly:
For a clear view without stray light, carefully clean the visor with a soft cloth and mild detergent. The inner lining of your helmet can usually be removed and cleaned in the washing machine or by hand with mild detergent. Hard linings can often be cleaned with special care sprays. You should clean the outer shell with a mild detergent or special helmet cleaner. After cleaning, the helmet must be allowed to dry completely before it is stored dry and at room temperature. This not only keeps the helmet hygienic, but also ensures it remains a reliable part of your motorcycle equipment.

✔ ️ Spruce upyour boots:
Give your boots a new shine. Careful care not only keeps your boots looking like new, but also effectively protects them from the adverse effects of moisture. Leather boots in particular benefit from thorough cleaning and the application of leather oil to protect them from the effects of moisture. Incidentally, our stylish and comfortable motorcycle shoes combine maximum comfort and safety with a look that impresses on and off the road.

By winterizing your motorcycle equipment with conscientious care and the right steps, you not only preserve its longevity and protect it from the adversities of winter, but you also ensure that you can get straight back to unforgettable tours and adventures on the asphalt next spring without delay and with full enthusiasm.

CONCLUSION: Winterize your motorcycle and be ready for the start of the season right away

As you can see, winterizing your motorcycle requires a certain amount of effort, but it is doubly worthwhile. Not only will it ensure the longevity and reliability of your bike, but you will also be ready for the start of the season for your next tours.

Follow our professional tips and with a little dedication and the appropriate measures, your motorcycle will certainly thank you with unadulterated riding pleasure and reliable performance in the coming spring.

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