Benefit from our unique ROKKER guarantee now! We trust our products from A to Z. We would like to pass this trust on to you. Thanks to our 5-year product guarantee, you are on the safe side. If you buy from our online store, you automatically benefit from a 5-year guarantee, and if you bought your ROKKER product from one of our dealers, you can easily extend your guarantee. Then you can easily extend your warranty. Click on the button below and your warranty will be extended in 2 minutes.



We grant a 5-year guarantee for material or production defects. Defective items can be reported within the 5-year period on presentation of proof of purchase. A quick and uncomplicated solution will be sought after consultation with us. Our guarantee does not cover any defects due to poor care, fit, natural wear and tear and natural fading of colors and materials. Tears, holes, burn holes, lint and changes in size are also not covered by the guarantee. Alterations invalidate the guarantee. Burn holes caused by exhaust systems are not covered by the guarantee. Above-average heat sensation on the skin is due to the heat development in newer motorcycle models from EURONORM 4 and is therefore not covered by the warranty.